Health Policy Update: Obama Care

Health Policy Update: Obama Care

I have been away on summer vacation and off the grid for a week … and what a week it was for Health Policy! We started with the Supreme Court upholding Obama-Care subsidies. Read more…

Supreme Court upholds Obama care subsidies

Los Angeles Times | June 25, 2015 | 7:14 AM

In a major victory for President Obama, the Supreme Court has upheld the broad reach of his healthcare law, ruling the government may continue to provide tax subsidies for low- and middle-income people who buy insurance nationwide, even in states which did not create an official insurance exchange of their own.

The 6-3 decision rejects a second conservative challenge to the law, one which could have left more than 6 million Americans scrambling to pay for their coverage.

The ruling is a crucial win for the Democratic White House, now that Republicans control the House and Senate. Had the high court ruled for the conservative challengers, it would have put the fate of the law in the hands of GOP leaders on Capitol Hill.

So, why is this important for Health Policy and something nurses need to know about? ,,, I’ll tell you why…

First and most importantly, all Americans will have access to health care no matter what their individual states may have to say about the topic.

As soon as all persons have access to health care, providers can begin to affect change for the positive.

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