A prayer for the new academic year

Students are back in class, and clinical rotations are in full swing. At the first faculty meeting of the academic year Dr. Lois Howland offered a prayer for the new school year. Whatever your religious beliefs are, you might like to read the prayer and contemplate its message as you begin your studies.

A Prayer Offered for the 2015-2016 Academic Year by Dr. Lois Howland

Almighty God…

We ask your blessing as we begin this new academic year.

May our students bring integrity, commitment, and curiosity to their learning.

May our staff be given the strength and skills to provide the support that is so essential to our students and faculty.

May our faculty members bring wisdom, inspiration, and compassion to their teaching.

The Dalai Lama has said, “My religion is kindness”…May we all be guided by kindness to others and to ourselves as we seek to do the work You have given us.

The great Indian guru, Yogananda once wrote:

I have made Thee Polestar of my life

Though my sea is dark and my stars are gone,

Still I see the path through this mercy.

As the School of Nursing continues its mission to prepare the next generation of professional nurses and nurse scientists, O God, we ask You to be our Polestar—particularly when the way forward may not always be clear—we ask you to continue to light our path with your love and mercy. Amen





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