MEPN Open House on October 3, 2015

 Dr Urden

Over 200 people attended today’s Open House for potential MEPN students. Kudos to Cathleen Mumper, Director of Student Services and Anne Pasquale, Executive Assistant, for organizing the event and providing much needed information for potential applicants. Potential students were able to chat with Ms. Mumper and Mrs. Pasquale about any application or pre-requisite questions. Then, potential students and family members moved into the auditorium and were greeted by Dr. Linda Urden and Dr. Kathy Marsh for further discussion of the MEPN program.


The real highlight for potential students was being able to ask direct questions to current MEPN students. A big SHOUT OUT to MEPN volunteers for highlighting our MEPN program and helping potential applicants make an informed decision about where they might pursue graduate nursing education.

All I have to say about the morning is… “If the MEPN students, who were present today, represent the future of nursing, then we, as a nation, have nothing to fear. Our MEPN volunteers were thoughtful, articulate, and demonstrated a passion for nursing. Our healthcare future is in good hands. I was so impressed!”

Special thanks to the MEPN volunteers:

Dara Belic                                           Olivia Mayo

Katrina Bess                                        Anthonia Okoh

Bessie Coronado-Vigil                        Hezekiah O’Neal

Annette Diaz-Santana                         Maurice Souza

LaDawn Dixon                                   Hayley Wardrop

Griselda Escobedo                              BeiBei Wu

Nicole Galicia                                     Erin Zilka

MEPN Panel

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Associate Dean at Hahn School of Nursing University of San Diego
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