Behind the Podium: Getting to know Dr. Jackie Close

Dr Jackie Close

I am Dr. Jackie Close, I teach in the MEPN program and the CNS program. I have been a nurse for a very long time and can’t imagine myself doing any else. My husband and I  have a daughter, 23 years old, in college, in upstate New York. She is a California kid through and through. She recently went to the shoe store the other day and told them, “I’m from California, and don’t know how to keep warm”. That was a hit to the old credit card.

My clinical background is quite varied, complements of the United States Marine Corps, 21 moves in 27 years and only 2 being self-inflicted! Looking back, I can see that the gift of all this was I learned so many different fields of nursing; how I fit in, and how different nursing is based on where you are located geographically throughout the United States. I wouldn’t have experienced all this had my family not moved so often.

So…starting at the beginning: Long-term care, medical/surgical, orthopedics, psych (inpatient, locked, crisis stabilization unit), Critical Care (open heart and liver transplants), cardiac catheterization laboratory, outpatient GI lab, Gerontology (my love) and now teaching.

So…why do I like to teach? I absolutely love the whole light bulb effect when students “get it”. Watching students connect the dots to difficult scenarios makes my day. Observing the confidence level rise as students’ progress through the program is my reward for a job well done. And let’s not forget, USD is my ‘Happy Place’.


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Associate Dean at Hahn School of Nursing University of San Diego
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