Robert Veluz wins MEPN 2015 Preceptor of the Year


                                          (Robert Veluz receiving his award from Dr. Kathy Marsh)

Last week, Robert Veluz, RN, BSN, MICN, a staff nurse in the ICU at Tri City Hospital received the 2015 MEPN Preceptor of the Year Award at the annual Clinical Placement Appreciation reception. Robert was nominated by Christine Richardson, a MEPN 2015 graduate. In her nomination essay Christine stated her experience of being precepted by Robert during her final semester in the MEPN program really honed her clinical skills and helped her get ready for the role of new grad.

Christine also stated, “Robert pushed me to think about the care of our patients at the next level beyond simply the skills to be performed in the moment. Instead of simply providing me initially with directions and explanations as to what I should do Robert would ask me first about why an intervention was being implemented, what we were looking for with a patient’s diagnosis, or why we might be seeing a certain change in a patient’s condition. He forced me to critically think about everything that we did so that I was not only memorizing skills, but fully understanding the reasoning behind what we were doing.”

OK, second year MEPNs start thinking now if you are being precepted by an extraordinary nurse. In early May, you will be asked to reflect on the role of the preceptor, and, if your preceptor is above and beyond the average nurse you can nominate the preceptor for the award. The winner will be notified of the award. The awards are given in November at the Clinical Placement Appreciation Reception. The student who makes the nomination will be able to personally present the award to your preceptor – if of course, you are still living in SD and luckily enough to be off of work that evening.

Each year, clinical placement coordinators from the hospital and community settings are invited to campus to learn about the MEPN program but most of all it allows USD to thank them for all they do for our students. The Preceptor of the Year award is a new addition to this event.

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Associate Dean at Hahn School of Nursing University of San Diego
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