MEPNS screen teens for cardiac conditions

Save a life Jan 2016

This post is written by guest writer: Sasha Luecke

While most of San Diego was sitting around the fireplace last Sunday enjoying the pouring rain and 50 mile per hour winds, a group of MEPNs drove up to Oceanside to participate in the Eric Paredes – Save a Life Cardiac Screening.

Everyone was very professional and represented USD well. We screened 563 teenagers and found 7 with heart abnormalities and 3 at potential risk of sudden cardiac death. Those teens were then seen by cardiologists, on site.

In addition to the screening, groups of MEPNS also taught CPR to the high school students and parents. We really enjoyed the addition of teaching CPR, as it reinforced our knowledge and helped us gain confidence in our teaching abilities.

Manreet Sahota, my mentee, attended the event and is very excited and grateful to be taking over my role as volunteer recruiter.

Here’s a Shout Out to the MEPN volunteers!

  1. Aysa Arenas
  2. Meghan Carey
  3. Kylie Crivello
  4. Kayla Dennis
  5. Julia Elliot
  6. Hezekaiah O’Neil
  7. Sasha Luecke
  8. Manreet Sahota
  9. Hannah Tappe
  10. Erin Zilka

teaching CPR


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