“Transitioning to the role of RN”: MEPN alums return to campus for lunch and panel discussion


Group photo

(Dr. Susie Hutchins, Carolina Bellizzi, Kimmie Cordova, Bree Bocksberger, Ruth Turner,  Holly Leano, Eric Pitt, Yanai Martinez, Dr. Kathy Marsh, Emily DeRoss)

Faculty can always suggest to students how to study for the NCLEX, or, what it will really be like once you become an RN, but there is nothing better than getting the real story from a recent grad. On Tuesday, eight MEPN grads from the Class of 2015 returned to campus to share their pearls of wisdom about everything from studying for the NCLEX, interviewing for a new grad job, and a few ‘ah-hah’ moments during their first year as a nurse.

Here’s a few of quotes from the day…

  • “Take the Kaplan review seriously”
  • “Make sure you know your medications for the NCLEX!!”
  • “Don’t worry about getting the first job offer. I sent out 45 applications and now I have my dream job.”
  • “The mock interviews at school actually help.”
  • Interviewers really want to know if you’re safe and if you’re honest.”
  • “Even though I chose a job not in a hospital, everything I learned in the MEPN program prepared me for my current position”
  • I don’t just take care of my patient, I take care of their parents and relatives.”
  • “I’m actually getting to like nights!

Special thanks to alums for paying it forward!: Emily De Ross, Yanai Martinez, Kimmie Cordova, Bree Bocksberger, Ruth Turner, Holly Leano, Eric Pitt, and Carolina Bellizzi


Dean Hardin

(Dean Hardin was beaming with pride as she listened to the alums)

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