MEPNs participate in InterProfessional Education (IPE)

Farrah examining pt

(First year MEPN, Fara Farshidfard examines SP while Bessie Coronado-Vigil collaborates with a medical student)

‘Participating in a team’ was the theme of the InterProfessional Education event held at UCSD last week. For the fourth year in a row, approximately 80 UCSD pharmacy students, 90 USD-MEPN students, and 100 UCSD medical students worked together to obtain a history on a standardized patient (SP), perform a physical exam, and determine if the SP could be discharged home, or required a higher level of care and thus needed to be transferred to the emergency department.

The learning objectives of the IPE were:

  1. Demonstrate ability to collaborate in an inter-professional team
  2. Demonstrate specific discipline knowledge in the interest of patient-centered care.

Below are a couple of comments from student participants.

RN student, Bessie: It was a great learning experience. It really increased my awareness of how I can work with team members to ensure the most optimal patient outcomes.

Pharmacy student, Brittany: I was really overwhelmed with the entire activity and I was so glad to be able to count on the nursing student to clarify what I needed to do so we could take care of the patient. At this point in my education, I have never worked with patients so the nursing student really helped me put the whole picture together.

Medical student, Michael: I have to admit, I really did not know all the things the nursing students know. I will definitely work hard at collaborating with my nursing colleagues when I move into my hospital rotations.

Throughout the MEPN curriculum, students work with SPs every semester to increase the ability to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate patient care in a controlled setting thereby increasing student’s ability to provide care to real patients in the hospital or community setting.

Sara B examining pt

(2nd year MEPN, Sara Berhe stabilizes the standard patient while collaborating with medical students)

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