MEPNs increase diabetes management skills at day camp

Mariah Butera

                                          (Mariah Butera teaching campers about glucagon)

MEPN students spent a few days at Camp Wana Kura counting carbohydrates, calculating insulin doses, administering insulin, and assisting campers with insulin pump set changes.

MEPN student, Farrah Farshidfard checked almost 100 blood sugars on her campers last Tuesday. She was so impressed with  how aware campers were of small changes in their activity and how it impacted their blood sugars. MEPNs, Mariah Butera and Ryan Brown taught campers when and how to properly administer glucagon. Their teaching activity was a bit hit with the campers and staff, alike. MEPN, Valarie Bykoff assisted Dr. Marsh with field research for new NIH sponsored research study.

The American Diabetes Association’s Camp Wana Kura day camp is held alongside the lakes and under the trees at Santee Lakes Recreation Preserve in San Diego County. Campers, ages 5 to 12, play water games, sing songs, run relays, do crafts, swim, go paddle boating, learn new things and connect with other kids living with diabetes, while building new friendships  and learning diabetes related skills.

Many thanks to Professor Christine Holmes, Dr. Jackie Close, and Dr. Lyn Puhek for attending camp and assisting students with diabetes management.

Farrah giving insulin

                                     (Farrah Farshidfard administering insulin to camper)

Valarie b conducting field research

                                             (Valarie Bykoff conducting field research)

Mary B checking BS

(Mary Berbarian checking blood sugar on young camper)

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4 Responses to MEPNs increase diabetes management skills at day camp

  1. Semira Asaro says:

    Great work😎!


  2. Linda Urden says:

    Our MEPNs rock!!!!! Love the community work to see healthcare in all settings. Also great that Dr. Marsh integrates the students into her field research!


  3. Ann Mayo, Professor says:

    Such great work by our MEPN students and faculty! Congratulations!


  4. Ernestina Martin says:

    Hi Kathy, Excellent article!



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