MEPN Mentorship Meet Up

meet and greet Aug 2016

This post is written by guest writer, Patrick Humphries, MEPN mentor coordinator

The MEPN classes of 2017 and 2018 cohorts enjoyed a mentorship meet-up on July 31 at Ballast Point Brewery in Little Italy.  Organized by Mentorship Coordinators Griselda Escobedo and Patrick Humphries, the event focused on mentors and protégées connecting prior to the beginning of the 2018 cohort’s first day of boot-camp, welcoming new MEPNs, and fostering a sense of community.  Over 60 students from both cohorts enjoyed camaraderie and advice in a relaxed atmosphere.

“It was such a joy to meet the new MEPN students. Their enthusiasm and curiosity is both refreshing and a reminder of our shared passion for nursing. The diversity and vibrancy of both MEPN cohorts is promising for the mentoring relationships that have begun,” said Griselda Escobedo, MEPN 2017 Cohort member and Mentorship Committee co-coordinator.

Each year, members of the incoming cohort are paired with students in their second year of the MEPN program.  USD’s newest nursing students had the opportunity to meet their mentors and their fellow classmates prior to their first day of classes.

“Welcoming the incoming class of 1st year MEPNs was an instant flashback to exactly one year ago! We were nervous and excited with so many questions about the program, just like they were today. It was a true show of our nursing school’s sense of community and support for one another.  Our goal is to foster that sense of cohesion that will support new MEPNs  through their time as nursing students and in the future as nurses,” stated Bessie Coronado, MEPN 2017 Cohort member and GNSA Secretary.

“Gathering the new cohort together and establishing that peer network among themselves and with the 2017 cohort fostered a sense of cohesion,” noted mentorship co-coordinator Patrick Humphries, MEPN 2017 Cohort member. “The first day can be overwhelming if you don’t know anyone.  This meet-up should help ease their social transition, while also establishing a sense of ownership and teamwork that has been crucial to my cohort’s [MEPN 2017] success.”

The MEPN Mentorship Team plans to put on professional and social events throughout the year to increase camaraderie and USD’s nursing presence in the community.

If you would like to assist in event coordination or have feedback for the Mentorship Coordinators, please send an email to


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1 Response to MEPN Mentorship Meet Up

  1. Linda Urden says:

    What a great event to have everyone together before the start of the official program. Thanks to the Mentor coordinators for pulling it together!


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