Pipeline program for Girl Scouts

Megan Yap July 2016

(MEPN, Megan Yap with future nurses)

This post is written by guest writer, Dr. Susie Hutchins.

Oftentimes, young children do not know the role of a nurse, or how to go about the process of becoming a nurse. This past month MEPN and NP students hosted a Girl Scout Troop in the Simulation Center to expose young people to the career of the nurse.

The theme for the day was:

You can be a —- Nurse!

The attendees included Girl Scouts at the Cadette level (6th-8th grade), as well as Senior Girl Scouts (9th-12th grade).  A total of 15 Girl Scouts, under the leader ship of Michaela Butler (STEAM Program Specialist), attended the program. The Girl Scouts rotated through 9 stations with students manning or co-manning the experience.

Many thanks to the following student volunteers:

 Birthing Noelle: Tina Chung

SIM Man: Hezekiah O’Neal

Black light and hand washing: Bessie Coronado Vigil

Pen light and eye dilation: Annette Diaz-Santana

Injections: Patrick Humphries & Kaylyn Lavalle

Quick dressing change: Brooke Holyfield & Mary Berberian

Vital Signs: Aishvarya Setlur

Protective equipment: Megan Yap

Eye exams:  Cynthia Uribe-Sagrero (NP student)

The morning ended with a game called: “Name that Body Part“.  There were several Girl Scout winners who were thrilled to receive a prize.



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