Get Organized!

    This Post is written by guest writer, Jonathan Goldstone, 2nd Year MEPN. Jonathan Goldstone

 Assignments, clinicals, and exams; the weekly routine of a MEPN student is a non-stop endeavor! As students in this accelerated MEPN program, keeping up when assignments are due is crucial to our success.

Did you know there’s an app for that? The University of San Diego has an amazing free app called “Insight”. The app is a task manager integrated into the USD system, so it has access to your course schedule, grades, and can even prompt you to add new tasks following class!

 Screen Shot 1

 Screen Shot 2

More info on ‘Insight’ can be found online at or downloaded directly on the Apple app store.

Don’t have an iPhone? There are dozens of other free apps available for other systems that can help you stay on top of your assignments and due dates. Some students even prefer to use the “old-school” method of using a physical calendar or journal. As someone who procrastinated their way through their bachelor’s program I cannot stress how important staying on top of your assignments is for success in this accelerated program. As second-year MEPNs are finishing up our summer semester, which had us going 4 days a week between theory and clinical assignments, the greatest advise to the incoming MEPN class would be to figure out which organization tools work best for you now before things really start accelerating.

 PS: Tasks are a great way to stay on top of your n-Track journals too!

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2 Responses to Get Organized!

  1. Linda Urden says:

    Great info-thanks so much for sharing with everyone!


  2. Semira says:

    Great post!


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