Michael Baumgardner, PhD (c) gives welcome address to incoming MEPNs at White Coat Ceremony.


mepn-white-coating-class-of-2018-30The MEPN class of 2018 was welcomed into the nursing profession on Friday, August 19, 2016. Michael Baumgardner, MEPN alum, and PhD candidate gave the keynote speech to the MEPN students. Since graduating from the MEPN program in 2011, Mr. Baumgardner has served as a staff nurse at UCSD Hillcrest and has moved into the role of Nurse Manager on the 11th floor, Progressive Care Unit (PCU) at UCSD, Hillcrest. His PhD dissertation is on the topic of providing support to the caregiver in Alzheimer’s care.

The “White Coat” ceremony sends a clear message to new nursing students that compassionate care must be a hallmark of their clinical practice,” said AACN President Eileen T. Breslin. “Securing a commitment to providing patient-centered care at the beginning of a nurse’s professional formation will help to raise the quality of care available to all patients.”

Dean Sally Hardin gave a compelling presentation about the symbols of nursing over the years, culminating in the present day ‘white coat’.

USD is so proud to welcome 64 new nurses to the nursing profession. We look forward mentoring you as you begin your journey to the role of the professional nurse.




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  1. Ann Mayo, Professor says:

    Congratulations to everyone! Welcome to the wonderful profession of nursing!

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