MEPNs making an impact at Nativity Prep Academy

This guest post is written by the 2nd year MEPN students who have a clinical placement at Nativity Prep Academy.Tracy page, MSN, RN is their clinical faculty.


[Our nurses “station” sign introducing ourselves to the school]

From our first days at Nativity Prep Academy we have been welcomed with open arms by administrators, faculty, and most importantly the students.  A little background about Nativity Prep:  Now in their 15th year, the school was established to offer a private school level education to underrepresented, underserved youth who will be the first in their families to attend college.  Nativity Prep makes an 11-year commitment to each student to not only provide excellent middle school education but to set them up for success in high achieving high schools and ultimately colleges around San Diego and beyond.  These inspiring young students and their families sign contracts to do all they can to set their children up for success in life.  The school is unique in that all funding is private and education is of the highest quality.  Our focus at the school has been not only to be the “school nurses” but also an adjunct for health and science education.  We have presented on topics such as summer safety, hygiene, cold, flu, and viruses, basic physiology just to name a few.


[ Educating our 6th, 7th, and 8th grade classes.]

At the start of our Fall semester at Nativity Prep we had the opportunity to expand our education to the faculty as well. We held a day of basic CPR and first-aid training for all the teachers and administration of the school.


[CPR training with school faculty.]

In addition to the amazing time we have spent with the students at the school, we have also had the chance to go explore community health resources throughout San Diego County which we are then able to connect back to our students at the school.

As we are nearing the end of our second and final semester here at Nativity Prep we are truly grateful for not only the opportunity to be a part of this amazing school but also for all the students have given us. We hope that our time here has left a positive impact on the students that they will take forward as they continue their educational journey.

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  1. Linda Urden says:

    Once again- USD MEPNs leaving a legacy of health care education, caring and mentorship to our community! Thanks to all of you for your energies and passions!!!!

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