Update from Cuernavaca, Mexico


This post is written by guest writer, Britney Taganas, 2nd year MEPN. 

Hola compañeros! Greetings from Cuernavaca, Mexico!

During our last couple days at Nuestros Pequeos Hermanos (NPH) Miacatlan (the orphanage), we toured ‘el campo’ which is the farm where they harvest their crops and grow their livestock. They harvest 3000 tortillas and 1000 loaves of bread a day!


They have a beautiful greenhouse where they grow delicious tomatoes!

After we completed all the physicals assessments and health education (including First Aid, CPR, and choking), we had time to play and interact with the children of NPH. The mas poquito bebes were muy adorable!



Katie and her new friend.

We also had the opportunity to see and purchase artwork that is handmade by the children of NPH during their art therapy time. Sometimes children can express their feelings best through art. The money raised goes back to NPH to help the children.


Pictured here is one of the children who made this beautiful artwork made of clay and glass pieces.

We also spent time with the older children and played basketball, soccer (led by our superstar Mariah), and did zumba…the little girls ended up leading us zumba…and Gangnam Style.


Mariah and her new soccer buddies.


NPH Miacatlan was fun, but we were really excited for our excursion to Puebla. On our way to Puebla, we stopped at Popocatépetl, which is an active volcano! There was some smoke coming from the top of it, but thankfully it didn’t erupt.

We finally arrived in Puebla where we got to explore the various shops, visit museums, and eat delicious food!


A couple highlights from our excursion to Puebla included visiting El Museo Internacional de Baroque and seeing the Great Pyramid of Cholula.  We got to hike to the top of it and see a cathedral.


It was a great work out and with an elevation of over 7,000 feet, some of us could definitely feel the change in altitude. After we worked up an appetite from the hike, we were able to enjoy a nice lunch, do a little shopping, and then headed to Cuernavaca. It was about a three-hour drive from Puebla to Cuernavaca so we caught up on some much needed rest so we could be re-energized for another day of teaching at NPH Cuernavaca.

At NPH Cuernavaca, we taught CPR, First Aid, and choking prevention to local high school students.


Cynthia teaching CPR using makeshift mannequins made of plastic bags stuffed with cotton balls.


Tammy teaching CPR with Lisa as the “standardized patient”.


Todd, Heather, and Britney demonstrating what to do if someone is choking.


Krista demonstrating first aid skills.

After classes we toured the school then went to Los Colorines and enjoyed a lovely lunch with staff from NPH.


In the afternoon, we continued our Spanish classes. The first part of class consists of learning grammar and the second half is all conversational. Our final day of class is going to be a cultural immersion class where will explore Cuernavaca with our Spanish teachers alongside us communicating solomente en español. As we near the end of our cultural immersion trip, we are grateful to have learned so much about the culture, history, and language of Mexico!


The “beginners” Spanish class with one of our teachers, Gena.


































































































































































































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  1. Linda Urden says:

    Thanks so much for documenting all of this! LOVE all the pictures- can tell that you all are really having an impact there and having fun also. Particularly love the cotton ball CPR….how innovative! I also can see a common theme of FOOD! Enjoy- have a safe trip home and will be anxious to hear about your trip in more depth later.


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