Coronado High School participates in Pipeline Program

This post is written by guest writer, Tina Chung, 2nd year MEPN

Just a couple of weeks ago, we welcomed Coronado High School students to our Standardized Patient and Simulation lab to share a glimpse of what nursing is all about. The 34 Coronado High Students were enrolled in  a sports medicine/first aid class, and some students had some background knowledge regarding basic health education. After introductions, MEPN nursing students shared personal stories on their journey to nursing. We talked about the many types of nursing one can go into, from bedside nursing, school nursing, camp nursing, to even flight nursing!

Afterward, it was time for some tactile learning. We set up 5 different stations listed below:

  • Demonstrating a dressing change on a pressure ulcer and incision model
  • Listening to the heart and lungs of a baby, and how to hold and swaddle a newborn
  • How to palpate a radial pulse, using a Doppler to detect pulses, and taking a blood pressure
  • Running the simulation man and explaining what is happening
  • Showing differences between normal vs. abnormal eyes and ears

Photos 1 -4, left to right

Brittani De Riemer, 1st Year MEPN, demonstrating a dressing change.

Annette Diaz-Santana, 2nd Year MEPN, showing students how to swaddle an infant.

Anne Vien and Kira Adsit, 1st Year MEPNs, using a Doppler to detect a pulse.

Marissa Munsayac, DNP Student, teaching a student how to use the opthalmoscope to see differences between a normal and abnormal eye.

The Coronado High School students were very engaged and loved the hands-on activities. Each student learned how to use a stethoscope to listen to the heart and lungs, and asked questions such as, “What is the other side of the stethoscope (bell) used for?”


After a grand tour of our Beyster Institute for Nursing Research, we debriefed back in lab and answered questions about a career in nursing. A handful of students were inspired to learn more about nursing, and asked how they can become involved to see if this profession is a good fit for them. We mentioned a great starting point would be to volunteer at a hospital and shadow a nurse to learn what it’s like in a typical day.


The MEPN volunteers all enjoyed working with the high school students, teaching a few basic nursing skills, but more importantly opening the minds of the high school students to a possible career in nursing.

We hope Coronado High School students will keep nursing as a possible option when considering their future careers!

Special thank you to the MEPN volunteers noted below for helping out with this event:

  • Ann Lawani
    Anne Vien
    Annette Diaz
    Brittani De Riemer
    Evan Gum
    Jaime Carroll
    Kira Adsit
    Lindsey Binkle
    Marissa Munsayac
    Patrick Humphries
  • Tina Chung

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