MEPN Students volunteer at the Food Bank

Food Bank 3

Summer semester is off to a busy start. MEPN students are increasing their understanding of the challenges of homelessness and hunger through a variety of ways.

Two clinical groups spent a day last week working at the San Diego Food Bank inspecting and sorting food that had been received from a range of sources including locally-run food drives, the USDA, growers, retailers, and wholesalers.

Students then categorized products by food group, and boxed or bagged about 6000 pounds of food for distribution to the community.

The Food Bank distributes food directly to families and individuals in need at 183 distribution sites throughout the county every month, often in parking lots.

The Food Bank also provides food to 350 nonprofits that operate feeding programs. Nonprofits pick up food from the Food Bank’s warehouse and distribute the food to people in need in their areas. These nonprofits include soup kitchens, shelters, churches with feeding programs, schools, senior and disabled living facilities, and food pantries.

Many thanks to Professors Tracy Page and Molly McAmis for mentoring students in this activity.

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