If You Give a Nurse a Cookie…

This post is written by guest writer, MEPN student, Kira Adsit.

This past weekend, in the beginning of a sunny San Diego summer day, USD nursing students filed into BINR – but it was not for a day of open lab, a clinical competency exam, or a cram session. Last Saturday, we welcomed the Girl Scouts for our second “You Can Be… a Nurse!” event. Junior high and high school girls came to get an appreciation of the nursing profession by touring the USD Simulation Center and engaging in a variety of nursing skills.

By the end of the day, each Girl Scout had run through all of our stations! She had properly washed her hands (verified by Glo-germ, black lights, – thank you Nancy, and Yenny!), learned how to perform an infant assessment, checked eyes and ears, interacted with the simulation man, practiced injections, performed a dressing change on a pressure ulcer model (after putting on those neutral nurse faces), taken vital signs (and found subtle pulses with a Doppler), demonstrated the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), and assessed pupil dilation.

The Girl Scouts were quick to warm up to the new skills and were finishing neck-to -neck PPE races by the end of their time with us! Girl Scouts were engaged and appreciative; some surprised us with their flawless intradermal injection skills into the shot pads (with an extra special surprise of squirting Krista and Ariana when they popped).  We wrapped up each session with a debrief and loved hearing what the girl scouts learned and which skills stations the girls enjoyed most.

The USD MEPN students manning the stations relished the chance to host the Girl Scouts and share their passion and knowledge for the nursing profession. The MEPN students’ hard work, relentless enthusiasm, flexibility, and eagerness to answer all questions accompanied their incredible attitudes and willingness to spend a Saturday away from the books. A huge thanks to the Girl Scouts for bringing their wonderful energy into our lab, spending the day with us, and sharing their Thin Mints.

We hope you have been inspired to consider joining this amazing professional field and to we look forward to seeing you someday as nurses!

Special thanks to these selfless MEPN students who made this event possible!

  • Jean Hartley
  • Phonthip Eadens
  • Mallorie Schoesler
  • Jennifer Zaldivar
  • Britney Aguirre
  • Nancy Chau
  • Riley Cable
  • Ann Lawani
  • Brittani De Riemer
  • Ariana Papp
  • Krista Dwyer
  • Diane-Marie Aguilar
  • Lauren Lamoreaux
  • Sophia Jorgenson
  • Kristi Armstrong
  • Michelle Glathe
  • Zinnia Kidane
  • Nichole Chung
  • Anne Uyen-Tran Ho
  • Katie Lam

(and special kudos to Dr. Susie Hutchins!!!)

About kathymarsh

Associate Dean at Hahn School of Nursing University of San Diego
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4 Responses to If You Give a Nurse a Cookie…

  1. Dr Hardin says:

    Love you MEPNS!!! Dr Hardin


  2. Ann Mayo, Professor says:

    Fabulous event! Congratulations to all!


  3. Jane Georges, Interim Dean says:

    You have given a great gift to nursing. These young people will remember this event the rest of their lives. Thank-you for being there for the next generation of nurses!


  4. Jackie Close says:

    Love the title.



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