Leadership Team selects “MEPN Class of 2020”

MEPN team Feb 2018

(MEPN Team –  Dr. Susie Hutchins, Dr. Jackie Close, Prof. Peggy Mata, Amanda Hernandez, and Dr. Lyn Puhek)


The MEPN Team had a busy week finalizing the admission decisions for the incoming MEPN class.

Personal interviews took place last week, on campus, where 150 qualified applicants came to campus to meet current students and participate in a 1:1 interview with faculty. Many thanks to current students and faculty who participated in the interview process.

At USD, we use a holistic review of all applications. This means that after candidates meet the admission requirements, we widen the lens through which we view applicants, recognizing and valuing different dimensions that shape each individual. Careful consideration is given to experiences, attributes, and academic merit. It’s not just a numbers game.

From what I have seen and heard, the MEPN Class of 2020 will be a wonderful addition to the Hahn School of Nursing. Keep an eye out for our new group of students, who will be on campus, beginning in August.


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1 Response to Leadership Team selects “MEPN Class of 2020”

  1. Ann Mayo, Professor says:

    This is always such a great process that is used by MEPN leadership, faculty and staff! Congrats on arriving at what I am sure will be a stellar 2020 class!


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