MEPNs Ready for New Grad Interviews

IMG_6129 (1)

In addition to juggling a busy last semester, second year MEPN students recently participated in Mock Interviews. All students arrived to the lab dressed in business attire. One-by-one students were interviewed by a panel of faculty posing as nurse managers from local hospitals. While the student was being interviewed, fellow classmates were watching the interview on a monitor in another room and provided constructive feedback when the interviewing student returned to the classroom.

When asked to comment about the interview process, Judith Ramirez stated,” I was a little nervous having my classmates watch me get interviewed, but I am thankful for the process. I think I will be a lot less nervous when I have my real new grad interview.”



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1 Response to MEPNs Ready for New Grad Interviews

  1. Ann Mayo, Professor says:

    This is such a valuable exercise! Congratulations to our graduating MEPN students for completing this important preparation step!


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