Nursing research is changemaking that saves lives

Amena Adams, Brittani De Reimer, and Susie Hutchins

Left to right: Brittani De Riemer, Amena Adams, Dr Susie Hutchins

The 11th Annual Graduate Nursing Research Day was a huge success. Room 106, in the School of Nursing, was jam-packed yesterday with 66 posters from PhD, DNP, and even a few MEPN students.  Poster topics were PhD dissertations, DNP evidenced-based projects,  CNS and ENL Capstone Projects, and data results from MEPN international mission work.

Big shout out to 2nd year MEPNs, Amena Adams and Brittani De Riemer for their poster entitled: Undiagnosed Hypertension in Adult Residents of Tijuana. Now the two of you have caught the research bug, we hope to see you in the PhD program in a few years!

Kudos to Dr Susie Hutchins  for serving as the faculty mentor on frequent trips to Tijuana.

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