MEPNs win Dan Gross Scholarship

This post is written by 2nd year MEPN Christina Baxter

Christina Baxter-2018

Christina Baxter, MEPN Class of 2019

The Dan L. Gross Scholarship of 2017 was awarded to Karina Ochoa, (MEPN graduating class of 2018 and currently working in the SICU at Sharp Memorial) and me, Christina Baxter, Sharp Memorial Hospital pathology lab technician and 2nd year MEPN student at USD.

The scholarship is named in honor of Dan Gross, RN, DNSc, executive vice president for Sharp Health Care, who started his clinical nursing role at Sharp in 1979 and earned his DNSc at USD. Dan Gross continues to demonstrate exponential leadership driven by compassion for Sharp Healthcare year after year. The scholarship award of $2,500 is designed to help provide economic stability to nursing students interested in similar leadership goals and outcomes.

When I first saw the email advertising the Dan Gross Scholarship, I said to myself, “Might as well take a stab at it.” I have been a Sharp Healthcare employee for three years. I thought I was taking a shot in the dark, but I am living proof, it’s not impossible to win a scholarship! Karina and I couldn’t agree more, there’s no better feeling than receiving the congratulations letter.

The best part of the scholarship was visiting with Dr. Dan Gross and Dr. Laurie Ecoff, current Vice President of the Center of Nursing Excellence at Sharp HealthCare and Clinical Associate Professor at USD who will be teaching our Leadership class this semester. We met over a delicious lunch. I will never forget the time they took out of their busy schedules to meet with both Karina Ochoa and me. Hearing Dan Gross’s personal story as a nurse was tremendously inspiring. Dr. Dan Gross gave me the courage and confidence necessary to get me through nursing school.  I hope to instill the same inspiration to students when applying for scholarships!

Karina Ochoa-Class of 2018

Karina Ochoa, MEPN Class of 2018

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  1. Ann Mayo says:

    Congratulations to Christina and Karina!


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