Manchester Child Development Center Expands MEPNs Understanding of Pediatric Population

The post is written by 2nd year MEPN and guest writer, Meagan O’Mahoney


Manchester Summer clinical group (from left to right): Brittany Low-Colbert, Meagan O’Mahoney, Caleb Kuo, Maressa Malabanan, Coco Watase, and Tia Corbin.

A day at Manchester Child Development Center is pretty typical for the two to five-year olds who attend at the center. The center opens at 7:30 am every day to 5:45 pm , Monday through Friday on the USD campus. The clientele for Manchester is the children of USD students, alumni, and faculty who are in need of childcare, as well as children from the Linda Vista community.

This clinical site may seem to be an outlier compared to other community clinical sites as it is not a low-income community nor does it provide service to an underserved population. Despite this, the site still offers an opportunity for education and outreach to both the parents and children who attend the center as well as contributes to our understanding of the needs of the pediatric population.


(one of our many education pieces included monster mouths for dental hygiene)

While at our clinical site, our main focus is health promotion and providing education to both the children and their families who attend the center. Our clinical group has provided a significant amount of education to the children on topics like hand-washing, dental hygiene, sun safety, nutrition, and other important topics. We found it helpful to incorporate not only visual and audio learning tools, but tactile learning as well. We create easy to read posters with quick facts about the educational topics allowing the children the opportunity to ask us questions or tell us stories or other information they have learned from other sources.

During the summer, we took on a larger project with incorporating pea plants and pumpkin seed planting into our education. We discussed nutrition of both the plants and our bodies, as well as how we grow and what our bodies need to function. The group really enjoyed this project because we started the pea plants off in individual water bottles along their bike fence so children had the opportunity to watch their plants grow. From there, we moved the pea plants to the community garden where the children still visit weekly to watch their plants grow as well as the other plants they have planted!

(Meagan and Tia helping with planting the pea plants in the community garden, and Coco water the pea plants)

Our clinical group is excited to continue the education and outreach at Manchester and hope to get further involvement with the parents of the Manchester community. When you have a minute, come check out the community garden!


(Maressa, Brittany, and Caleb teaching on sun safety as well as explaining the project of creating and decorating hats!)

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