MEPNs Host Health Fair in Tijuana

This post is written by 2nd year MEPN and guest writer, Adilene Esquivias

Cynthia and Samantha

Cynthia and Samantha providing nutrition education.

Last weekend, MEPNs took a trip to Tijuana to host a health fair for the residents of the community center established by Build a Miracle. The center is called Centro Comunitario de El Florido.

USD nursing students provided education on nutrition, glucose monitoring, diabetes, blood pressure, stroke, women’s health, CPR, hand hygiene, and proper body mechanics. Prior to the event, MEPNs held a “packing party” where they compiled goodie bags that included items such as oral and perineal care items.

The residents were immensely grateful for all the information and gift bags they received. Following the health fair, we visited the residents of Albergue las Memorias. We had the opportunity to meet single residents and families affected by HIV. It was a rewarding experience being able to immerse ourselves in a different culture and bridge the gap in health education. Being exposed to different norms and beliefs enabled us to account for barriers residents need to consider prior to their healthcare.

Thank you, Dr. Hutchins, Katie North, and Karen Kriger, for all the time and effort you put into guiding us towards this diverse nursing experience!

Monica teaching CPR

Vincent and Monica educating residents on CPR.

Mckenna, Karen, and Maressa

McKenna, Karen, and Maressa educating on proper body mechanics

group photo

MEPN students visiting a shelter for patients affected by HIV,

Albergue las Memorias.

Left to Right

Top Row: Monica Colavita, Kelly Huerta, Samantha Joy, Jessica Erickson, Daniel Smith, Jasmine Sanchez, Brittany Low-Colbert, Genevieve Mina, McKenna Kurz, Adilene Esquivias, Cynthia Ramirez

Bottom Row: Maressa Malabanan, Vincent Ng, Karen Kriger, Katie North, Hillary Moreno

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