MEPNs attend Sigma Theta Tau’s Odyssey Conference

Sigma Theta Tau conference 2018

(MEPN students, Matthew Parker, Monica Oddo, Crissy Colodin, Saya Nodera)

This post is written by guest writer and  2nd year MEPN, Monica Oddo

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the first day of the Sigma Theta Tau International Odyssey Conference with a few of my peers. This research conference was held in Del Mar over the course of two days filled with presentations regarding current and completed research as well as poster exhibits with results that are pending. The opening keynote address was done by Patricia Thompson, EdD, RN and the prior CEO for Sigma Theta Tau. Her address was powerful, discussing the importance global healthcare leadership and planned, intentional collaboration. She spoke of nurses being a voice to lead. I thought how fitting it was to attend this conference during our leadership course work. Many of my classmates and I have found it challenging to think about the leadership role in nursing when we have not even worked as RN’s yet. Dr. Thompson made it clear that nurses must be at every table in every country regardless of degree or work history where decisions about health care are made. This is the effort being made to increase the ability to address global health from multiple viewpoints.

After the opening speaker, there were break-out groups for research and innovative sessions. Listening to the presentations helped me to better understand how research is done in nursing. We were able to see how current established leaders in nursing are attempting to make changes and provide motivation for the up and coming nurses. The best part was that it provided some guidance and ideas for posters and presentations for our Leadership EBP project! There were new grad nurses who presented as well that gave me motivation to perform research and be up front soon! Finally, there was a brief line that Dr. Thompson had said which has been stuck in my head for the past week. She stated, “Instead of being the best leader in the world, think about being the best leader for the world’. I hope this resonates with everyone as much as it does with me. The time to make a change is now, and change is possible with us.

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