Notes from a MEPN New Grad

This post is written by guest writer, and USD  2018 alum, Evan Gum, MSN, RN

SICU New Grads (1)

It has been a little over three months into my new grad RN program (and close to Thanksgiving) so I wanted to send you all a message just to say hello, give a little update on how things have been, and to express my thanks to each of you and the MEPN program in general for the road to where I am now! I was just mentoring one of the first year MEPNs, talking her through IV and med pushes for their CCE last week and it just made me reflect on how long ago that already seems!

This past Tuesday I had my first experience having my own patient code in the ICU from a massive saddle pulmonary embolism. I have assisted in a few code’s to this point, but as everyone says, when that first one happens to you everything you feel like you learned and prepared for, seems to go out the window in the panic of the moment!

I can’t honestly say I was thrilled with my performance. In our team debrief and subsequent conversations I have found myself using my USD mindset to journal, and reflect on what could have been improved, plan for the future, and keep moving forward. All in all, the patient turned out well (considering the severity of the embolism), and our care for the patient, prior and post-code, was solid.

Obviously, a lot of reflection came out of this experience in general and with that it felt like a good time to send you all a message to say thanks for the pushes along the way. I wanted to let you know that while I am still generally terrified, I am LOVING the ICU and I can’t begin to explain how great it is having so many MEPNs throughout the Sharp system (3 in our SICU cohort alone!)

I could ramble for a long time about how things are going, but just wanted to say the trials haven’t stopped with nursing school, but it has been exciting to take them on!




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1 Response to Notes from a MEPN New Grad

  1. Ann Mayo says:

    Wonderful testimony to the dedication of our MEPN faculty, leadership and the wonderful students we have had over the years! Ann


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