Save-A-Life Gets New Coordinator

This post is written by MEPN guest writers, Kelsey Marckstadt and Iman LaVine

Kelsey and Iman-2018

I am so stoked to be passing on the role of Save a Life Recruiter and Coordinator to Iman LaVine for the next school year; not only because she is my mentee, but because she is a great fit for the position. Iman is a student who is eager to attend every Save A Life event and is always looking for ways to be involved in our community. She has already reached out to student representatives and faculty about coordinating an Alex’s Lemonade Stand and finding volunteers to work a blood drive on campus.

Iman attended her first Save A Life event this past summer semester right after she graduated from boot camp. When I asked her if she wanted to take over the role as coordinator and recruiter next school year, she immediately said yes! At the next event, I had Iman serve as co-coordinator and showed her the ropes of assigning students roles, ensuring that everyone gets breaks, stepping in at whichever station was short staffed all while running the girl’s ECG room. Iman shows great qualities of a leader by the way she can problem solve and adapt when change occurs. She is one of the first to arrive and the last to leave with a smile always on her face.

Iman will be running her first event solo in January, and I have confidence that everything will run flawlessly!



Kelsey has been such an amazing mentor and friend throughout my time in this program. She is always encouraging and supporting me through my studies, lab preparation, and ideas for my future nursing career.

I was incredibly happy when she offered me the position to take over as the Save a Life Recruiter and Coordinator next year. The fact that she trusted me so early on to co-coordinate one of the events made me feel capable and more eager to participate. Kelsey showed me how she ran everything, and asked for my input and help throughout the day to orient me to the role. About halfway through the day, I started to get the hang of it all, and felt prepared to take over on my own. I felt a little intimidated to be directing the second years, as they have had much more clinical and community experience than I have had. However, it was the first time doing this event for some of them, and their experience of the components involved was comparable to anyone else volunteering for their first time. Additionally, like everyone in the MEPN program, all of the second years were extremely kind, accepting, and encouraging.

I am happy I got to participate in the first event without a leadership role so that I could understand how it all worked and be prepared to run the ECGs myself. That experience has helped me understand what the volunteers do, how they feel, and be able to teach new volunteers. I am excited to take on the full role in January. I feel that Kelsey’s guidance and confidence in me has prepared me perfectly to run this event, and I cannot wait to continue participating in the Save A Life Events with the MEPN family.



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