Twas the Night Before Surgery

This Poem is written by guest writers and 1st year MEPN students, Kelly Huerta, Tiana Iwamiya, Brittany Jefferson, Dane Jensen, Janine Johnstone, Iman LaVine

Twas the night before surgery, when all on the floor,
Not an alarm bell was ringing, not even a door;
The consent forms were witnessed and signed with care,
In hopes that malpractice never be there.
The nurses all stay within their scope of practice,
Culturally aware and promoting health access,
Preventing disease, injury, and using evidence based practice.
I’d just documented care, education, and status,
When in a patient’s room, there beeped an occlusion
I ran to the scene to protect the infusion.
Every day as a nurse, I practice compassion,
Empathy and trust to prevent contraction
Of disease, illness, and infection
I do it all, with conscientious inspection.
When, what to my poor patient should appear
But pain, oh dear pain, what relief is near?
With prescriptions for IV morphine, his pain is 9 out of 10
I’ll give him a dose and some help to find zen.
We discuss tolerance, acceptable pain, and constipation
Together we decide to try more ambulation.
Now mind! Now body! Now well-being and Spirit!
On holistic care! On guided imagery! On Massage & Aromatherapy!
To lowered pain! to better patient outcomes!
Now document! Document! Document all!
As I write a focused assessment, diagnosis, and intervention,
My patient care plan grows from best intentions.
So I coordinate the interprofessional team,
With knowledge to guide us, we won’t run out of steam.
And then, to be sure, this plan’s above reproof
I must insure, the documentation’s legally bulletproof.
As I check the labs and diagnostic imaging,
Here are new orders, from the physician visiting.
Our patient care plan has been efficient, effective, and safe,
Fortunately, his NPO status won’t leave him a waif.
With all of his dietary restrictions aside,
He’ll always appreciate the attentive care at bedside.
His needs were addressed and comfort provided
Even when his own thoughts were often divided.
His medical record is completely confidential
His plan of care is purely evidential.
HIPAA–ensures his rights, preferences and disclosures,
It protects him from accidental exposures.
He’s visited by a chaplain, family and friends
Whose involvement all cause happy trends,
Support systems are unique and essential
They help achieve the best outcome potential.
Now this patient is doing so well that it seems
He can go home to his bed and sweet dreams.
He spoke not a word, but instead gleamed with joy
Thinking to himself, no more surgery, oh boy.
My patient is thrilled! Ready to go home and start his vacation!
I tell him, “Not so fast, we still have your medication reconciliation”
Once we’ve achieved complete discharge verification
He’s free to go, no more need for clarification
I call out, as he scurries away with delight,
Happy Discharge to All, and stay healthy alright?!?


About kathymarsh

Associate Dean at Hahn School of Nursing University of San Diego
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1 Response to Twas the Night Before Surgery

  1. Ann Mayo says:

    That is simply wonderful and most clever!


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