Happy Holidays from the Philanthropic Committee!

This post is written by guest writer, and 2nd year MEPN, Saya Nodera

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Philanthropic Committee’s Candy Gram Exchange. Together we were able to raise over $200 to buy toys for the refugee kids at the Christ Ministry Center, one of our clinical sites for community health! The Philanthropic Committee is chaired by our Vice President, Sandra Pope, and consists of a dynamic team of MEPNS and DNP students! Together we are working to increase community outreach opportunities through the Graduate Nursing Student Association.

Joy Gao and I went crazy at Walmart with the money that was raised, and we were able to buy toys for over 40 kids of different ages. All of the toys were wrapped and delivered on Christmas Eve at the Christ Ministry Center. We couldn’t have done it without all of your support!

No matter your beliefs or where you come from, we are grateful that we can come together to serve our purpose and make an impact on the bigger picture! Nursing allows us to be connected through the heart of all that we do together.  

Let us continue to “do good” together.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

~ The Philanthropic Committee 

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Associate Dean at Hahn School of Nursing University of San Diego
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2 Responses to Happy Holidays from the Philanthropic Committee!

  1. Ann Mayo says:

    What great work you all did! Ann


  2. Jacqueline Close says:

    Wonderful and good things always come from the heart. Thanks for all you do, I am very proud of all of you.


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