Greetings from South Korea

This post is written by guest writer and 2nd year MEPN, Megan Lavalle

Group leaving from San Francisco to South Korea

We have been excitedly awaiting our trip to South Korea and it is finally here! The trip we are about to embark upon is a first for USD School of Nursing. The School of Nursing is able to bring 35 second year MEPN students to South Korea to learn about culture and healthcare delivery while on the trip. This will also be the first time MEPN students from USD participate in a trip that is really at the graduate level examining the influences of culture on healthcare delivery. This group of MEPN students and faculty are a part of a very important ‘first’ for the School of Nursing since a group of this size has never been representing USD internationally. 

My colleagues and I are coming on to this trip to South Korea with an open mind. We hope to take what we learn from lectures on alternative medicine and tours of the different South Korean hospitals and apply them to our personal practice back in the US. The South Korean healthcare system is very efficient and systematic. We hope to learn the ins and outs of South Korean healthcare delivery and how the culture impacts its operation. We look forward to the discussions we are about to dive into regarding the South Korean healthcare system and how it compares to  healthcare in the US. We are very excited for this upcoming adventure to South Korea.

Top left: Elle Oliver, Top right: Terry Wu, Bottom left: Favour Pankito, Bottom right: Kristin Nicholson. 

On the bus from the airport to Galaxy Hotel. 

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