Tijuana Immersion Trip

This post is written by guest writer, and 1st year MEPN, Kelly Huerta 

Jessica Erickson and Dr Susie Hutchins teaching CPR to a few of the residents who attended the health fair.

A group of us recently had the opportunity to participate in a Mexico immersion trip where we had countless opportunities to connect and share with the La Morita community in Tijuana, Mexico. La Morita, located just 30 minutes south of the border, is a poor but humble community. The people struggle to receive basic healthcare and are often unaware about the consequences of poor health. On this four-day immersion, we had the opportunity to visit sick patients who could not make it to the clinic, triage patients in the clinic with the physician, conduct a community health fair, and learn from patients at the HIV/AIDS clinic, Casa de las Memorias.

Each patient we visited had a different story and a different reason for not being able to travel to the clinic, but each family graciously welcomed our group into their home. Seeing the strength and humility displayed by the patients and their families motivates us to continue educating ourselves as well as others who are less fortunate.

At the clinic we performed focused assessments, interviewed patients, and shadowed Doctora Guzman, the physician at the clinic. Then on Saturday, we held a health fair at the clinic where we educated and screened members of the community for hypertension and diabetes.

We were lucky to visit Casa de las Memorias during a communal celebration where we listened to many testimonies from the residents. We heard heartbreaking stories about their addictions and disease resulting in their search and arrival at Casa de las Memorias. We learned about the HIV stigma that is prevalent in the community and the strong unconditional love and support amongst the residents.

We ended our day with some home cooking, games, and a reflection on how we can better serve the community.

Ciara Silvestri, Mariah Winters, and Dane Jensen receiving a blessing from a patient after we visited the patient in her home.

Ciara Silvestri, Raxita Neupani, Dr Susie Hutchins, Kelly Heurta, Lauren Leverson, Mariah Winters and Dane jensen

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2 Responses to Tijuana Immersion Trip

  1. Ann Mayo says:

    What a wonderful emersion trip!



    I graduated in 2001 from the USD MSN-Nurse Practitioner program [bridge program – BSN/MSN – I can’t remember if it was call the Migrant Track/Latino?]. As I keep up with the path that USD’s Nursing Program has taken, I am honored to have graduated from USD. Great work to all involved in USD. Cristina L. Shoukry, FNP-BC, CDE, Primary Care Provider, Neighborhood Healthcare, Escondido CA.


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