Global Health Update

This post is written by guest writer and MEPN student, Ryan Adames

As the Hahn School of Nursing (HSON) continues to conduct volunteer medical trips in Tijuana, the program is pursuing a new partnership with Refugee Health Alliance (RHA). RHA has been leading volunteer trips into Mexico’s migrant shelters since November 2018. RHA organizes physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and translators to provide medical screenings, pharmaceutical therapies, and referrals to local Tijuana clinics and labs for needed treatment. In addition, the program looks to raise monetary or item donations of food, clothing, basic medical equipment and medication.

We, the HSON, are currently working with RHA at one clinical site in the refugee shelter of Embajadores de Jesus. We are seeing a myriad of health issues just at this one site alone. There are complications from previous trauma or surgeries, issues related to prenatal care, and illnesses due to overcrowding such as rashes, cold and flu-like symptoms, and lice. On this past trip we had 6 student nurses with 2 clinical faculty providing intake, assessment, and triage as each person was prepared to be seen by the medical staff. In addition to this we provided lice screening, treatment, and education. We even had a bit of time to play and color with some of the children.

Krystal Neag, MEPN ’21 hangs out with the kids

Continue to follow the blog to get updates on our work with the Asylum seekers.

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