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May 14, 2018

Hello MEPN 2018 Cohort!

On behalf the MEPN Leadership Team, we are happy to welcome you to our Fall 2018 Masters’ Entry Program in Nursing cohort at the Hahn School of Nursing and Health Science (HSON) and Beyster Institute of Nursing Research (BINR).  We are sure you have a number of questions about what to expect, what needs to be done prior to beginning the program, and how to plan your schedule. The information below should answer many of your questions.

MEPN Launch:  The MEPN Launch is a MANDATORY orientation day that will be held on Monday, August 6, 2018 starting at 7:30 a.m. in the Beyster Institute for Nursing Research (BINR), room 207/209. Dress is business casual for this day. Continental breakfast and lunch are provided. A schedule for the day and campus directions will be sent to you in early July.

Health Assessment class:  Your first class and lab will begin on Tuesday, August 7, 2018. The lecture component will be held daily from 08:00 – 10:00 am.   Following the lecture, each student will be assigned a specific lab section to attend.  All students will wear USD scrubs for the lab portion and bring assigned lab supplies to the lab.  The last day is Friday, August 24th.  Students can practice newly acquired skills at “Open labs” scheduled on Saturday, August 11h and Saturday, August 18th. You will receive your class and lab schedule in July.

Save the Date: Mark your calendar for August 24th, 2018 from 5-8pm for the ‘White Coat Ceremony’.  More information will be provided closer to the date.

The following items need to be completed by July 14th

  • Email: All information will be communicated to students and faculty through USD email address only. Please make sure to update your email address and home address as soon as you have it. We use a PC environment so make sure your computer can open and access Worddf formatted documents.
  • Uniforms/Scrubs: Scrubs are to be purchased from the Ace Uniforms web site Log-in using group password: (all lowercase) usdson.Scrubs and lab coats should be ordered by July 21st.  There will be sample scrubs for you to try on in the Simulation Center, located on the first floor of the BINR during the week of June 19 – 22, so you can get a better idea of the size you would like to purchase. Please note that once ordered with the USD logo, scrubs cannot be returned. If you have further questions, please contact Dr. Susie Hutchins at
  • Lab Supplies: Each student is required to purchase a ‘lab kit’. The lab kit is available for online ordering from Coursey Enterprises (see attached order form).The product # is K2815.The lab kit includes a wheeled duffle bag with USD logo and medical supplies you will need for Health Assessment, Simulation Lab, and hospital use.  We have attached an order form that provides all the ordering information and a contents list to show what is included.  All orders must be made by July 13th to ensure delivery to the Skills Lab by July 31st.  Late orders will incur a $15.00 late fee.  Your order will be delivered to USD for distribution to students on August 6.

We have partnered with MDF Instruments to bring you premium diagnostic equipment. Please go to the MDF website at: to order the items listed below.  All stethoscopes listed on the website (see instruments attachment) have been approved and are recommended by University of San Diego faculty. By ordering through this site, you will receive student discounted pricing and free shipping while supporting the USD Nursing Program.

  1. Blood pressure cuff
  2. Stethoscope

When ordering these two items, make sure you also check off the pen light and custom diaphragm for the stethoscope, as these are provided free of charge.

The following items need to be completed prior to August 6th.

  • Clinical ID badge:  All students are required to wear a clinical badge while in the hospital, lab, and community settings. Photos for clinical ID badges will be taken and cards issued during the Launch on August 6th.  The costs are $10 for one or $15 for two.  Cash payment only at time of photograph on August 6th.
  • Health Requirements: Recently you should have received information and instructions about the immunizations, health requirements, background check, and drug screen required of all MEPN students. USD utilizes the service of American Databank.  Please create your account at  and upload the required documentation directly into the Immunization Tracking System. Please note all health requirements must be entered into American Data Bank by July 27th thus allowing hospitals plenty of time to review your documentation so you will be cleared to begin clinical rotations in early September.

If you have questions or concerns about the process, please contact Ms. Lois Zvolensky at

  • CPR Card: All students must have a current CPR card issued by the American Heart Association (AHA). If you currently do not have an AHA Basic Life Support (BLS) card, or need to renew your card, Dr. Susie Hutchins will conduct a CPR class on Friday, June 15th from 10a-2p and on Friday, July 13th from 10a – 2p in the Simulation Center located on the first floor of the BINR building. If you would like to attend or need more information, please contact Dr. Hutchins at Class size is limited to eight per session.
  • USD ID: Please obtain your USD Identification card as soon as possible, before the beginning of the fall semester through Campus Card Services.  Additional information can be found at:
  • Student Health Insurance Requirement: All University of San Diego full time graduate students are required to have health insurance. When students register for classes, their student account will be charged for the USD Student Health Insurance Plan. Students need decide to enroll in or waive the charge if they already have insurance by submitting the online decision form. A new decision form needs to be submitted at the beginning of every academic year.

This requirement ensures that students in need of health and/or mental health care beyond the scope of services provided at USD by the on-campus Wellness Units, can access the appropriate care and resources in the community. If you want to have coverage starting August 14, 2018, you need to submit a new decision form to enroll. Students who do not want to be enrolled the 2018-2019 plan must submit a decision form to waive. You can enroll in or waive the plan starting June 13th, 2018 and the deadline to complete this process is September 14, 2018. If no form is submitted by the deadline you will remain enrolled and billed the annual premium. Visit to learn about how to enroll or waive.

  • Parking: Students are required to have a parking permit every time you are on the USD campus. There is a yearly fee to purchase a parking permit. You are encouraged to carpool to campus and clinical sites.  If you have any questions on parking, please contact Parking Services directly, their web site is
  • Prerequisites:  As you finish your prerequisites, please send your official transcripts to Cathleen Mumper at in the School of Nursing.  Official transcripts showing completion of all prerequisites are due by July 1st. All prerequisites must be completed before you are able to start the program. Upon completion of your pre-requisites, students are responsible to make sure they are received by USD. Any outstanding transcripts will inhibit you from taking the RN exam.
  • Books:  The books and software packages for the summer and fall semesters are listed below. These items are available at the USD Torero Store, online at:  Books can also be ordered on-line at:, and  or as otherwise noted. See the attached flyers for required and recommended packages from our vendor.  If books are purchased at the Torero Store, you will not be able to take advantage of the discounts offered through direct order from the vendor.

Books required for MEPN 521: Health Assessment:

Taylor, C., Lillis, C., LeMone, P., & Lynn, P. (2015). Fundamentals of nursing: The art and 

     science of nursing care (8th Ed.) Philadelphia: Lippincott, Williams, & Wilkins. ISBN-

     13: 978-1451185614

Book required for MEPN 534L and 555L: Skills Lab:

Lynn, Pamela (2016). Taylor’s clinical nursing skills: a nursing process

     approach (4th edition). Philadelphia: Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins ISBN-13: 978-


Books required for MEPN 534 Theory: Fundamentals:

Taylor, C., Lillis, C., LeMone, P., & Lynn, P.(2015). Fundamentals of nursing: The art and science

     of nursing care (8th Ed.)Philadelphia: Lippincott, Williams, & Wilkins. ISBN-

     13: 978-1451185614 (same book noted above for Health Assessment)

Schuster, P.M. (2016). Concept mapping: A critical-thinking approach to care planning (4th Ed.)

Philadelphia, F.A. Davis. ISBN: 978-0-8036-3848-8.
Required for MEPN 555: Med/Surg I:

Ignatavicius, D.D., Workman, M.L., & Rebar, C.R. (2018). Medical-surgical nursing: Concepts for                  interprofessional collaborative care (9th Ed.) St. Louis. Elsevier. ISBN: 978-0-323-44419-4.

Additional recommended books (hard copy or e-books) for MEPN 534/555 and MEPN 535 (for drug reference):

A drug handbook, a lab handbook, a nursing diagnosis book, a manual of nursing practice procedures, and a medical dictionary.

  (The following five reference books have been bundled for discount price when ordered online).

Current Drug Handbook with web toolkit by Lippincott, Williams, & Wilkins (2018)

Handbook of Laboratory & Diagnostics

Handbook of Nursing Diagnosis

Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice: Procedures

Stedman’s Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing

      Required for MEPN 535: Pharmacology

Lilley, L., Rainforth, C., Snyder J. (2017) Pharmacology and the nursing process (8th ed). St. Louis:

Elsevier. ISBN-10: 0323358284

*Other required books and reference guides will be announced by the course faculty prior to the start of each semester.

  • ExamSoft: ExamSoft is software used for test taking and increases students comfort with electronic exam taking, a practice that is used for the RN examination. Students will begin using ExamSoft during the Health Assessment course in August. ExamSoft also has the capability to generate a variety of analytics to improve the educational experience.

ExamSoft is purchased in the ExamSoft portal at: The annual fee of $75 covers all courses that the student is using the software.

When a student account has been created, the student will receive an email from Christine Kelly or Noelle Frizzell with instructions that includes a password generated specifically for the student. Students must use only their USD email address to create their accounts. The student will then:
1. Go to
2. Log in with their student ID and password as an exam taker
3. Download Examplify (app used for testing); students will be prompted to pay after installation

  • ATI: We have adopted a new program for the incoming MEPN students to enhance student learning throughout the program and NCLEX-RN success.  It is with Assessment Technologies Institute® (ATI) as they offer a comprehensive program with multiple assessment and remediation activities. These include assessment indicator for academic success, critical thinking, and learning styles, online tutorials, online practice testing, and proctored testing over the major content areas in nursing. These ATI tools, in combination with our nursing program content, will assist you to prepare more efficiently, as well as increase confidence and familiarity with nursing content. The cost for this program is reflected in your student account.

The following items need to be completed prior to September 5th:

 Typhon is the software program used to track clinical experiences, patient demographics, and is used to document clinical evaluations. The one-time cost of Typhon is $60.00. Students use Typhon to document clinical hours over the five-semester program. The web application is available for purchase at Orders must be made no later than September 1st. Instructions for use will be given during the 1st week of class. If you encounter problems with the download, please contact Christine Kelly at

  • EHR Go is our academic electronic health record (EHR). This software enables students to learn, understand, and practice EHR charting. You will be using this charting system in the Simulation Lab throughout your nursing program. You will receive information via Blackboard on how to create your account.

Other Important Information

Student Handbook:  You will be issued a hard copy the MEPN Student Handbook at the Launch. We will review the handbook and answer any questions on Launch Day.

Please be aware most hospitals do not allow the use of cell phones or cameras in the clinical setting.  Students will follow the policy of the hospital where they are placed.  Additionally, you will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement regarding the use of technology in the clinical setting.

Registration:  You will be registered for all classes and clinical rotations by the MEPN office throughout the program.

Clinical Schedule:  We ask that you keep your personal and work schedules open.  Your clinical schedule is dependent on our partnering hospitals and may not be confirmed until the end of summer. More information about your clinical schedule and paperwork requirements will be provided in August. As soon as clinical placements have been verified we will email you the information needed to access the clinical site paperwork. It is your responsibility to get required student clinical paperwork done in a timely manner, prior to clinical rotations.

Student Health Center:  The Student Health Center web site has information on the types of services offered and health insurance:  It can also be accessed through your MySanDiego account under the Student Life tab in the Wellness section.

Uniform/Dress Code:  Please see the attached dress code. The expectation is you will adhere to professional dress code at all times when in the clinical, simulation center, or community settings. Classroom attire is casual.

Technology: A laptop or tablet is a requirement.  There are minimum systems requirements for the various software programs utilized in your program.  See the attached minimum specifications for your PC or Mac devices.  The purchase of a device may be supported by financial aid.

Academic Calendar:  The graduate academic calendar is available at:  You may use it as a guide for planning school vacations and other activities.  A School of Nursing calendar for 2018-2019 will be posted this summer on the SON website. Students are advised to follow the School of Nursing calendar and/or check with the MEPN office for important dates. Although Friday, October 19, 2018 is a USD Fall Holiday, if you have class or practicum scheduled that day or over the weekend, you will NOT have that day off.

One Stop Student Center:  For assistance with your MySanDiego portal, contact the One Stop.  One Stop counselors can be reached by phone at 619-260-2700 or by email  Their website is

Financial Aid:  Contact the Office of Financial Aid with questions: You may also meet with a counselor in the One Stop Center.  Walk-in Appointments are welcome.

Housing:  Information for on-campus housing can found at:  Many students choose to live off-campus.  In the past, the class email list has helped people find roommates. There is also an off-campus web site for assistance at

Mentorship:  There is a mentorship program coordinated by current MEPN students.  The program usually starts in early summer.  They can be reached at This email address serves as a resource where students can ask practical questions (regarding the mentorship program or other relevant topics) they might have about the program prior to their mentor/mentee placements.

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to call the MEPN office at 619-260-7608. We will do our very best to keep you informed and ready to succeed. We look forward to getting to know you and working with you toward your graduation in 2020.


The MEPN Leadership Team

Dr. Jacqueline Close, PhD, APRN, MEPN Director,

Dr. Susie Hutchins, DNP, CHSE – Lead faculty for Dickinson Nursing Simulation Center,

Professor Peggy Mata, MSN, RN – Clinical Placement Coordinator,

Ms. Amanda Hernandez – Executive Assistant,


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